Why recycle scrap metal?

It takes far less energy to recycle metal rather than mine, purify and shape it. Recycling metals also helps preserve key resources.

What is scrap metal used for?

Scrap metals such as aluminum, copper, steel, brass, and iron can be reused many times to make many new products, such as: Construction – roads and bridges, Manufacturing – cars and aircraft, Containers, New and stronger metals, Furniture and fittings

How much is scrap metal worth?

It depends on the type of metal and other conditions, including: Market Price, Location, Time of year, Demand.

Why do scrap metal prices change?

Like all commodities, metal prices change with supply and demand, and the cost of production.

What scrap metal can be recycled?

As specialist buyers of works arising materials, we buy all grades of ferrous metals including heavy engineering grade carbon steels, through to lighter gauge mild steels and punching’s.

What identification do I need to scrap metal?

If you wish to dispose of your metal at one of our site, please remember to bring evidence of identity which is required from all persons disposing of metal for payment. Accepted forms of identity include a UK photo card driving licence, a UK passport or an original passport from any nationality, or official national identity card.

How can I get a fair price for my scrap metal?

Our integrity is of paramount importance to us. All materials are weighed on our own fully calibrated electronic public weighbridges.

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